RareJule Vintage — the story!

Julia in her home studioWearing vintage started for me in high school when I would take the bus or train in from Skokie to scour the thrift stores in Evanston and the north side of Chicago. By the time I graduated high school, I owned fewer clothes than the average 18-year-old fashionista, but I possessed quality garments with serious impact. Basically, I did more with less — a philosophy which has kept me going through adulthood and served as a catalyst for my online vintage business.

Selling vintage initially came out of a need to have a source of income while homeschooling my kids full-time. My son and daughter have spent many hours with me treasure hunting everywhere from small-town flea markets to north shore rummage sales.

It is a joy to rescue cast-off delicacies for your sartorial pleasure and there will always be a thrill in the hunt, but these days a deeper connection comes when I am able to help my creative and adventurous clients find the pieces of their dreams!   I take personal appointments in my home studio in Evanston (email me!) for styling consultations, rentals, and sales, of course. You can also connect with me in person if you are in town during one of my boutique pop-up events where I collaborate with everyone from wine distributors to gallery owners to provide my clientele with an unforgettable, event-based shopping experience.

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