Does Scarcity Create Meaning?

Taste: as in the ability to discern what is of good quality or of a high aesthetic standard 

Dive into the fascinating exploration of personal taste in the digital age with Ezra Klein's podcast episode, "How Do You Discover Your Own Taste?" While it delves into aesthetics across music, film, and even cafe design, its insights brilliantly apply to the world of fashion.
Don't underestimate the interviewee's eloquence because of the lazy cadence of his voice!  He offers insightful takeaways, including the intriguing history of the term "curation." Tune in, not just for fashion insights, but also for a thought-provoking journey into taste-making in today's internet-driven world.

Some gems that I took away: 

"Scarcity creates meaning"
"Too much optimization destroys the system"

Happy listening and hope to see you at my next studio sale this month !


Four Fashion Morsels (plus one, very special Decor morsel)

1. @jeanneaunan  is the fashionista I'm currently into on insta

2. @sonicwavevintage is the vintage dealer I'm currently loving on insta

3. The Man Who All But Created Vintage Fashion

4. Dressing for January One Hundred Years Ago (was much more interesting!)

5. In honor of Valentines Day, check out the cutest vintage inspired decor ever by Atomic Redhead


Vintage Inspired 50s 60s cute Valentines Day Decor midcentury modern interior design
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